An Ode To My Father


I can feel you watching us from above,
Here is something I want you to know,
That you are special, divine and full of love,
You were my guide and my best friend too!

You taught us to be genuine and frank,
And happiness is not bought from a bank,
I have never seen you crib or worry,
In love with life and never in a hurry!

You’ve invested so much time in us,
And placed our need ahead of yours,
You loved adventure, treks, and trails,
That taught us life skills, opened our eyes!

Compassion is what I learned from you,
To help strangers without a cue,
To hold the hand, that needs help,
Even if someone misunderstands!

The friends you had, no one had,
I saw you help them genuinely,
They stood by you through thick and thin,
That you passed on the joy evidently!

You had the time and patience to listen,
To any stories, we wanted to share,
Today these are the reasons,
I miss your profound love and care!

Love you dad for all that you gave,
Every day we think of you and rave,
And it makes me proud today,
That you left behind a legacy,
My wonderful son, just like YOU!

Thank you, dad!
All copyrights reserved 2017 Bina Pillai


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