I Love The New Woman I See



I love the new woman I see,

Through it all I changed,

It was not easy, life was not bliss,

I was tolerant and afraid of risk!


I thought life was to adjust,

And forget about our need,

But life taught me a lesson,

Which I don’t want to repeat!


I learned to value  life,

More than anybody,

Building relationships,

Became my priority!


A home meant a family,

Not all the things around,

Children gave me their love,

And made me so proud!


I listened to music,

which was snatched away from me,

I learned to demand,

My time and space to be free!


I did not worry,

What the world thought of me,

I didn’t want to get to be fifty,

And have no memories!


I thank him for leaving me alone,

In this wide, large world,

That I learned to fight,

My battles without a soul!


I can rise from the ashes,

Like a Phoenix now,

Brave and courageous,

I would like to take a bow!


I love inspiring people,

Helping them to find,

Their beautiful life,

When they face the grind!


Love surrounded  me,

And completed  me,

Trials and tribulations made,

This new woman that you see!




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