Loneliness creeps on us gradually,

Sometimes it’s difficult to act rationally,

We lose our energy naturally,

It’s all a part of the psychology!


The death of a dear one, a transfer to a new state,

Low self-esteem, divorce, aches and pains,

Lack of motivation, stress at work place,

One friend goes away we feel the strain!


Our mind gets fuzzy, we can’t think positively,

We view existing relationships negatively,

And push people around us to the periphery,

When we can change things magically!


Volunteer, do good community service,

Cherish every relationship, dance on the hills,

Do gardening, grow more daffodils,

Surplus it may seem, grow your friend circle!


Listen to music, enjoy outdoor sports,

Go on a holiday, give yourself a break,

Breathe the fresh air, smell the roses,

Read inspiring stories in the moonlight!


Have some goals, look after our health,

But don’t give up, health is our wealth!




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