Nature makes me Rejoice

The sky in all its splendor,
The clouds loomed large,
The rain drops glistened,
On the wild red gulmohar!

The sun breaks through the clouds,
And suddenly into various hues,
The luminous rainbow spreads,
Creating a magnificent show!

In the rays of the bright sunlight,
I see a kit of pigeons fly,
Like a kaleidoscope of butterflies,
A beautiful divine sight!

Through the pristine glass window,
The scene so radiant and bright,
In all colours orange, yellow and white,
Spectacular and magical is the light!

Nature makes me rejoice like a child,
The fragrance of the flowers wafted in,
Wish I could swim in the cool water,
Run in the wilderness, climb a steep hill!

Nature is therapy for our soul,
It has to be cherished and explored,
Every day’s a gift, I arise today,
The peace and tranquility is there to stay!


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