All I Can Think About Is You




You make the birds sing on a cloudy day,

You make the lilies bloom on the highway,

The rain drops float with rainbow hues,

When I think of you and dream!


I stretch my hands and feel your touch,

You are here, there and everywhere,

I hear the birds sing, butterflies buzz,

And see the champa flowers, fall on my hair!


To be happy, you don’t need fortune or fame,

It’s about giving the other time and space,

You brighten my day, when you call me every day,

You are the reason, for this smile on my face!


Beautiful relationships, last forever,

When men and women, respect each other,

Love for love’s sake, not for what we get in return,

Brings enduring bliss to our whole life, wherever!


Thank you for showering me with adulation,

That I have enough and feel happy to give away,

I feel proud that around me I created a heaven,

With peace, love, bliss and compassion!


It does not matter whether he is near you, or miles away,

True love that captures your heart, never goes away,

Across the ocean, across the seas you can feel his presence,

Like the sunrise that holds more promise,

of the sunny days ahead!



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