Happiness Is

I’m happy when I wake up

And my grandchild smiles at me.

Sun rays golden and orange,

Kiss her beautiful face, I see.

A joy that cannot be measured,

Those moments will be treasured!


Happiness is when,

You love what you are doing.

Singing till you’re breathless,

Writing poetry, you’re relentless,

Balancing on one foot – fearless,

On a rugged mountain top!


Happiness comes when,

You know what you are doing,

You don’t always have to do it right.

When you don’t regret anything,

Your smiles cover up everything,

Your future is ever bright!


Happiness is when I look around,

And see beauty everywhere,

When petty squabbles seem so small,

You learn to forgive one and all,

Forget the unpleasant past

And happiness will last!


Life is all about searching

For moments of happiness.

I love this age, I’ve reached that phase,

Happiness has come to stay,

With a smile on my beautiful lips,

Life has to be loved and lived!



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