Nature’s Fury

Nature’s fury pounded Gods own country,

Day and night relentlessly with all its might,

It was the greatest lesson for humanity!

All communities came together, and stood united,

With promises not to fight or differentiate,

Rich from the poor or black from the white!

Flood affected millions, destroyed homes and farmland.

Hundreds drowned in water, with not a drop to drink,

People turned heroes, and saved thousands stranded!

Dear ones drifted away, causing grief and misery,

Volunteers pulled them out, striving together as fraternity,

Showing courage and strength in face of such adversity!

Flood wreaked havoc, but spirit remained unshaken,

They bore the pain, trudged miles without complain,

Helped each other to survive the loss beyond imagination!

No one waited for the water to recede on its own,

However difficult, strived together in their endeavor,

Communities together got the country back in its glory,

The silver lining was ‘Humanity triumphs disaster.

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