That Pain

As I stood by my window side, 
Looking at the twilight sky, 
Tears rolled down my eyes,
As I tried hiding my pain, 
That I could not feign!

Life has never been easy for me,
Yet I smiled,
Through that pain I had to endure, 
Life was not bliss,
I’m happy I stood strong and tall,
And danced in the stormy rain!

I like to get up after the fall,
Lest my children see my pain.
I look at them and see them smile, 
Those little hearts rely on me, 
They watch me all the time!

I wipe my tears and look around,
Everyone has a different story.
When I listen to what they have to say,
And count my blessings by the day,
My intense pain goes away!

I like to help the ones in need,
Perhaps, I can understand their pain,
We have come into this world,
To serve others, and not be vain!

The lessons I learned, 
Taught me to be
Strong, tolerant and wise, 
Time can only heal that pain,
It remains a part of my Life!

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