The Sunset Sky

Every time I see the sunset sky,

my heart skips a beat,

I remember the innumerable times,

 we used to secretly meet.

Holding hands, watched the sun disappear,

Hoping the next day it would appear!


Quiet and peace filled my mind,

We stood there mesmerised,

Looking at your eyes I could find,

Trust, kindness, love and pride!

We saw in the sky, the bursts of gold,

Enjoying the beauty, our passion roared,

We waited till night with bated breath,

Till the moon peeped out of the sky!

With a million stars twinkling down,

The night was shining and bright,

 I heard your heartbeat, that was not fantasy,

Amidst the crashing of the waves in the sea!


I loved the warmth of your embrace,

When you wrapped your hands around me,

You kindled my hope, I knew that moment

Our love will last for eternity!

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