Wait! And The Sun Will Rise Again

When I saw the sun rise behind the tree,

Thought we could soak in the sun for free,

But I knew the value of the sun finally,

Only when we experienced rain endlessly!


The rain was beautiful, exhilarating for a while,

The nature looked lush green, dewy and light,

Then the incessant pitter patter of the rain,

And the somber darkness and wetness,

Turned the bright, splendid day into night!


I longed for the natural blazing sun light,

Suddenly it shone radiant and bright

I soaked up that golden sunshine,

And inhaled the pure air so light!


Roses and posies smell so sweet,

The sky turned blue and bright,

The robin bird chirped at the sight,

The plants swayed towards the light!


This weather may not last for long,

Breathe in the fresh air and look again,

It’s so strange, everything glitters like gold,

But it may get hot and we will long for the cold!


Now I learnt to value the sun and the rain,

Life is a roller coaster with love and the pain,

I know even the darkest night will end,

And the golden sun will rise again!

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