What is life if there is no love!

I love you not only for what you are,

But for what I’m when I’m with you,

Love you not only for what you’ve made

of yourself,

But for what you are making of me!


I love you for needing me and loving me,

And most of all for listening intently,

You have placed my need ahead of yours,

And wiped every tear from my eyes!


You make me feel the world revolves to my choice,

You set my soul on fire, I hear echoes of your voice,

You taught me to live life at a slow pace,

You are the reason for this glow on my face!


You have turned ordinary situations,

Into extraordinary ones,

When you’re there you keep me beaming,

Without you life has no meaning!


You taught me life skills,

You took me around the world,

You made me stand up for any cause,

And made me strong and bold!


I enjoy the journey when you’re by my side,

If not for you I would not have enjoyed the ride,

You taught me the more egoless I am, the happier,

And the happier I am, the more egoless!


Thank you for all the love you give,

For what is life, if there is no love!



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