The Long Trek on a Hill


Hong Kong is beautiful, surrounded by sea and mountains. It’s an archipelago made up of 200 islands. If you have not gone for a hike there, you have missed the beauty of the place. There is nothing like standing on top of the hill, looking out at the sea below- It’s magical and exciting. You can see pristine beaches and the blue waters of the sea with islets.

It was a beautiful morning and my son Pravin, suggested we trek up the hills. We were excited. I thought it was like the treks we do in Mumbai. When I saw the green hills, it came alive and beckoned me. We walked through some wooded areas. He said the long trail would lead to a serene, pristine beach. I was walking briskly, thinking of the beach and the food awaiting us down below.

That was exciting. We reached almost the top by afternoon, and it was hot. I thought I had trudged up a mountain and the people in Hong Kong call it a hill? I was fascinated with the vast expanse of the beautiful sea and small islets but where was the beach? He said, “You need to walk more.” I realised that I was sweating profusely. I knew this was it…it’s not India when we say we climbed up a mountain it would be a hill. Out here in Hong Kong, they are fitness freaks. They can jump, fly and glide up hills and mountains.

Me, I thought was tough, and full of life but they had to hold my hand to take me down. We were trekking for almost eight hours. I gave up. At the end of it, I was virtually crawling to my destination, and I did not see the beach. But I was happy I looked down and saw the beautiful blue sea from the top.

Then I looked up and saw the orange rays of the sun, and it  gave me the hope that the sun sets only to rise again the next day. At the end of it though I was famished, the experience left a smile on my face.





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