Living life to the fullest by being creative

and unconventional while inspiring others.

This is my life’s purpose.



Don’t shut the door when love knocks on it again.



Smile even if it’s sad smile. It’s better than not knowing how to smile at all.



It is vital to have people in your life who will laugh with you, tell you when something is not right, and stand by you when something goes wrong.



Life is short, fragile and unpredictable. It does not wait for anyone.



Living in the moment gives you a richer, fuller life. Forget about impressing others and do things only to enjoy the moment.



In the end what matters is not what we bought,

But with love and care what we built, 

And not what we have,

But what we gave!



Compliments are powerful. If given right they create positive so much positive energy, they make things happen almost as if by magic.



All the things we collect we cannot take with us,

But our kindness and goodness will surely go with us.



Everything that’s mysterious is beautiful, and that makes New Year exciting.

















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