What goes round comes around…

I read a news item in the newspaper some years back, and I thought I must share. It was about a Gutka maker. He had only one desire, to make quick money. For pure Kesar, Gulab and Elachi flavor he had to pay a big amount. Real Elachi costed ₹19000 per kg against ₹1500 for the chemical flavor. And for kesar he had to pay 1.6 lakhs while the chemical substitute costs only ₹2300 per kg.

He had only one focus, to make more profit and so he settled for chemicals in his paan masala, paan and mouth freshener. His business demanded that he had to taste his products. Slowly he got addicted to his paan masala, and he ate around 20 packets in a day. But in his wildest dreams he did not think he will get addicted to Gutka. He was excited when he made good money but he forgot what goes round comes around.

In 2011 he was diagnosed with Oral cancer and he was devastated. The perception changes only when we experience it. After undergoing painful surgery and 36 cycles of radiation he did not want to be part of the Gutkha industry. He refused all big orders, suffered losses and switched to a less profitable business.

Two lessons we learn from this :

1.When we make our choices we have to put ourselves in the other person’s shoe and review the situation. Otherwise we have to live every agonizing day with the consequences of our choices.

2. When we have multiple flavors to choose from, instead of feeling elated, think again.

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