Don’t Be Afraid of Change


My daughter, Deepa was nine months pregnant. I had informed my helper, that Deepa  would be admitted in the hospital in two days, and  it was a Caesarean delivery. I thought. being aware of the situation she would be considerate and not ask for leave.  However I realized that it was not a wise decision I had taken, when our helper shocked us the day before my daughter’s delivery.

“Didi, I have some urgent work in my village. I won’t be coming from tomorrow onwards,”she said wiping the sweat from her face. She showed no remorse.

I looked at her with disbelief. My heart froze for a moment. “Did I hear it right?” I wondered.

She was with me for five years, so I didn’t expect her to take advantage. I felt sad because I was used to her, and it was not the right time to find a replacement. I knew this was an emotional blackmail, because she thought I would be in a desperate situation. This was an opportunity for her to ask for a hike in her salary.

I knew one thing – I was not going to give in to her tantrums, even if I’m left to struggle alone. Without batting an eyelid, I ordered her to leave that moment. I didn’t turn back to see her expression, but I saw her walking out of my door.

I called our security at the gate. and informed him that I needed a helper.  I was surprised when he said “Ma’am, a lady came here half an hour back asking me for a job. Let me call her and I will get back to you.”

An hour later I heard a knock on my door.  When I opened the door, the security was standing there with a young woman. She looked sad and had a soft face, her husband was a drunkard and they had two small children. She was desperate for a job

I employed her and asked her to report the next day. After two weeks I realized, she was even better than my former helper. I was happy, that I had taken a good decision to let her go.

Don’t be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better.




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