Sexual Violence


Sexual Violence is rampant in our country,

It’s a pity, no one wants to take any responsibility,

If we look into her eyes, we can see her intense pain,

But we prefer to look away and not complain,

And they silence her that she feels helpless and slain!

Her attire or character becomes the excuse for her torture,

The violence is about power, control, and sexual desire,

The society blames her, is a matter of great despair,

But how do we explain, when a child becomes a victim?

And little boys are sodomised without any care!

I saw this little girl crying in extreme pain,

Her mother ran from pillar to post but in vain,

It was just fatherly love,” said the principal,

“Don’t make a hue and cry, she will be fine.”

Two days later the child was found, dumped near her lane!

It’s perpetrated by caregivers, relatives, and strangers,

Sexual violence can occur at any age to anybody,

If they cannot silence them, they attack their credibility,

Even then we do not care ’cause we cannot comprehend,

Till our family member is caged, bruised and raped!

We must have an all women police station,

Where we can walk in safely and complain,

The police officers to be trained and sensitized,

To help the victims overcome the shame and pain!

Their pain and bitterness cannot be gauged,

The victim feels ashamed that they let it happen,

But in that situation, anyone will feel frozen,

Let us make it safe for every woman and child,

Help everyone so that no one feels exiled!

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