You gave me honour & life






You gave me love, honour and life,

I respected you and was grateful,

I admired you; there was no strife,

Till speculation ran rife!


That moonlit night, gentle the breeze,

When I heard the boom of a gunshot,

I looked behind; you pulled the trigger,

Dad, he slumped on me and died!


Dad, how can you take away his life?

Falling in love, is it a vice?

The same hand that helped me walk,

It feels you pierced me with a knife,

So now in agony, I writhe!


How does killing become honourable, dad?

Didn’t you say the ones who kill are bad?

I believed in you and trusted you,

Can one who gives life be so malicious, dad?


We were in love, innocent and vulnerable,

Is loving someone passionately a crime?

However, killing someone dear to us sublime?

Then why didn’t you kill me and take my life?


Dear dad, aren’t you getting it all wrong?

Blindly following traditions for long,

You brutally ripped apart the one you loved,

You pierced my soul, you knew I was his wife!




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