Appreciate Little Things in Life


Dance with your partner takes the worry away,

At times we need a touch and a sway!


Revel in the twilight of the sunset sky,

For there are those, who do not have sight!


Feel the warmth and security of a family,

We realise when we see orphans actually!


Enjoy a quiet lunch with good old friends,

Remember some people cannot make friends!


Walk in the garden along the fragrant flowers,

And think of those who are on wheelchairs!


Relish hot coffee when you wake in the morning,

There are those who are hungry and suffering!


A good night’s sleep when you go to bed,

It’s better not to have insomnia instead!


A sweet smile when you are back from work,

Some people are grumpy and have a smirk!


Way too often we sit around complaining,

About everything going wrong in our lives!


Perhaps a whole day without any food,

A day without our warm, soft, cosy bed,


Or a day without our dear best friend,

Will open our eyes and make us realise,


These are the little things that really matter.

If we look around, we’ll learn to appreciate!




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