Beautiful people do not just happen



Rhea is my niece’s daughter, nine years old and beautiful, not only in looks but also as a person. Rhea is innocent, brave, compassionate, and full of Life. She is also very protective of her elder brother, and will fight with boys if they bully her brother. That’s why she is different, our Rhea. She was adopted when she was four months old.

I remember her vividly, she was beautiful, tiny and frail. The parents worked on her with love and devotion and very soon she was healthy and strong. She has an elder brother who was adopted too. Well! one day they had a seminar in school on Breast Cancer to create awareness for children. She was excited to wear pink that day. When she came home she wanted to know more about it. She asked her mother to explain to her about cancer survivors.

When she heard about cancer, that small little girl was touched and admired the children who in spite of losing their hair, fought their battles to survive. At the end of it she told her mother, “Mom I want to help them. Is there anything I can do for them?” Her mother’s eyes filled with tears, she hugged her, when she said “Yes you can Rhea, there is something you can do, donate your hair.”

Rhea had long lovely glossy hair and took care of it because she loved her hair. It was the talk of the town and she was proud of it. They researched how to go about helping the cancer survivors. They realized the hair had to be fifteen inches long and she had wait for one and a half years for it grow. Her parents felt proud that Rhea was willing to part with her long tresses. She donated it to the charity called “Friends of Cancer.” Her hair has gone to the children’s cancer hospital in Lebanon.

She has very short hair now but she wants to grow it again. This time it was not for herself but to donate it to another child who has lost her hair due to cancer. Being compassionate is the greatest quality one can have. Some people don’t understand what compassion is, it is the ability to help someone without expecting anything in return.

We are all so proud of our Rhea and her lovely parents who have instilled these values in her. I wish every child would inculcate these values and help children who have problems. The world would then become a better and beautiful place to live in.

The most beautiful people we have known are those who are compassionate, loving and kind. They are grateful for what they have and love helping others. They do to others what they like others to do unto them. Beautiful people do not just happen.

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