Love So Divine





I look into your eyes,

And see love so divine,

You lie by my side,

As our hearts beat as one!


You forever inspire me,

To stand strong, big and tall,

And dare to fight back,

When I have had a bad fall!


How intense the pain was!

Extremely difficult to hide,

You were my reason to hope,

When I almost gave up on life!




Then I think of you,

I see violets all blue.

Birds sing, red roses bloom,

I hear the call “Cuckoo!”

From the green woods below!


When I look at you,

The magic of the rain is what I feel,

The breeze that lingers in my hair,

The rain that caresses my face,

And drops on my window sill!


I love to hold your strong hands,

And walk by the sea side,

Feeling the warm sand with my toes,

While the ripples of water flow,

Touching my dainty feet below!


When I wake up,

I see a shaft of sunlight,

Through the key hole,

The orange hues kiss my eyes,

And ecstasy fills my soul!


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