As I looked at the mango tree,

In the colors orange and green,

I remembered I met you that summer,

Amidst the rain and thunder!


The magic in your smile,

The warmth of your hug,

The touch of your sensuous lips,

Made my senses go wild!


While planting the mango sapling


You said, “One day we will sit under

the big old tree,

Relishing the delicious fruit, in love,

You and I forever.”


My heart broke that wintry day,

You stood there helpless,

When I cried, bidding goodbye,

Down by the river side!


Twenty years later,I sat with my child,

Eating the mango under the big old tree,

Yet, I found no valid reason to explain to her,

Why tears fell from my misty eyes!


We believed our love would grow like

the mango tree,

But alas, it was not to be,

When life got in the way,

And we went our separate ways,

Oh, how I wish I had stayed!


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