Life & More…



Life to me is much more,

Than a big house, car and luxuries,

It’s about changing the world,

With happiness, compassion and peace!


Making a home, not with stone and bricks,

But with love and care in abundance,

Where children are taught to respect and love,

Money and fame are irrelevant!


Money can buy a rocking bed,

But it cannot buy you, sleep,

For that I have to sow my seed,

And when I sow I can reap!


Our smiles make a difference,

To all the people around us,

It’s not for selfish happiness,

That we’re brought into this world!


My heart is filled with love for all,

Like an ocean with abundant waves,

Peace, joy and serenity is what I get.

When their life becomes better, then I can rest!


We live only once; we should live it well.

Honest and genuine, that our eyes can tell.

All things we collect, we can’t take with us,

But our kindness and goodness,

Will definitely go with us!


In the end what matters,

Is not what money had bought,

But from our hearts all that we built,

Not what we have, but what we gave!


I’d like to leave behind a legacy,

That touches the chord in every heart,

So, when to this world, I bid goodbye,

I leave a tear behind, in every eye!


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