To survive a fire accident…

With high rises and lack of space many small cafes, restaurants and lounge bars have mushroomed everywhere.

These places are prone to a fire accident and the fire can easily spread from one restaurant to another or from one apartment to another.

Recently there was a fire in a residential complex where a family got burnt to death. It was a sad incident that I would like to give few pointers, since I had attended a fire management programme .

To survive a fire accident…

Put wet towels under the doors so that no smoke enters other rooms. Then cover your nose and mouth with wet handkerchiefs or towel and lie on the floor, as the smoke moves up or roll and crawl out.

The door locks can get heated and jammed. Windows could be the escape route. Don’t put fixed grills on windows.

Most deaths are caused because of smoke inhalation, not fire.

Be Alert, be vigilant, be smart…If caught in smoke:

1. Drop to hands and knees and crawl towards the nearest exit.

2. Stay low, smoke will rise to ceiling level first.

3. Hold your breath as much as possible;

4. Breathe through your nose, and not your mouth.

5. Use a filter such as a shirt, wet towel or handkerchief.

6. Wrap yourself with a wet towel if possible.

If your clothing catches fire:

1. STOP where you are—moving or running feeds air to the flames and worsens the fire.

2. DROP to the floor—if you stand up, the fire can burn your face. …

3. ROLL slowly on the floor or ground, in a rug or blanket if you can.

4. COOL off as soon as possible with water for first and second degree burns.

Please do not light lamps, and leave it unattended in apartments. Do not leave it lit all night through. And switch off all electrical points before going to sleep.( TV, Microwave, Computer, Electric Iron, Hot Plate, Mixer, Washington Machine, and AC’s if not in use.)

If you are going on a holiday pull out the wires from all electrical sockets.

DO NOT USE LIFTS, in case of fire.

I’m sure all of you are aware but sometimes a reminder refreshes our memory. Have fun. Stay safe. Be Aware.

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