Miss you Jyoti


She lay there frozen,

Beneath the hard ground,

She lay there lifeless,

Without a sound!


Her hazel eyes closed,

Face had lost the glow,

I could not believe,

My friend was no more!


I saw her the first time,

When we moved town,

With a bag in hand,

She was walking down!


She smiled when our eyes met,

And I knew that moment,

She would be an asset,

She was the chosen one!


The one who made me laugh,

When I was sad and down,

The one who held my hand,

When she spun the yarn!


She loved life more than anybody,

She taught me to dance in the rain,

And scared me with her ghost stories,

I never saw her sad or in pain!


She came here, to be with me,

I had no clue that was the end,

How could she break my heart?

The day she had to depart!


My heart stopped for a minute,

If only I had a magic wand,

I would have made her happier,

If only God gave me a chance!


She called from her death bed,

Her breath was hard and low,

I cried softly, she did not listen,

“We love you, please don’t go!”


How strange is the world,

Sometimes cruel and unkind,

She was too young to die,

Why did you snatch my friend?

She was sadly in her prime!

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