I feel at peace every day,

I wake up bright and gay.

Savouring a cup of hot tea,

Early in the day.


With no thoughts in my head,

But calmness and peace,

Love that space in my life,

And makes my heart beat.


Taking off to a sandy beach,

On a wet, rainy night,

The pitter patter of the rain,

It’s a pretty sight.


Sitting by the fire place,

Reading a good book.

Watching the sunset sky,

From my cozy nook.


Love the sound of the waves,

Crashing on the rocks,

The fishing boat going deeper,

Away from the docks.


The sea gulls flying in a row,

In the bright blue sky,

The feel of the warm sand,

Gives me a high.


The fragrance of the cool air,

And my hair blowing behind,

All of which is rejuvenating,

Tranquility fills my mind!


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