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Life Is Beautiful if You Can Wait

Sometimes, life can be very painful,

Making us sad, restless and hateful,

But everything happens for a reason,

Life may not be what we desire,

Remember, life is like our seasons!


The spring so colorful, flowers bloom,

Butterflies flutter and bees buzz,

Followed by the hot, sunny summer,

Yet don’t fret and complain,

Wait! Listen to the rain’s pitter patter!


The fragrance of the mud and the rainbow sky,

Enjoy the dewdrops on the windowpane,

Nature is at its best, with hills so green,

Rain may turn into thundershowers,

And lightening may strike the tallest tower!


Strong gusts of wind blow everywhere,

The shrill howling sound, you can’t bear!

Wait! The glorious autumn is not far away,

The red, gold and brown leaves,

Radiate different hues, everywhere!


Yet, the old must give in to the new,

So trees shed their leaves around,

Looking naked and bare,

Like a muslin carpet on the ground,

But hold on, and there comes winter!


Ringing in the beautiful New Year,

With Christmas trees lit up bright,

Snowflakes, fall from the sky,

Like clouds, pearly white,

When the cold gets bitter, don’t get jitters!


Wait! Once again, the spring is near,

Relax and wipe your silent tear,

Myriad of colors, bring in joy,

Kites glide in the sky so high,

Grass is green, bees buzz, doves mate,


Life is beautiful, if you can just wait!



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