Nuclear or Joint Family?

Cousins are close friends and a dear part our childhood. The best part is, anytime we meet we can laugh, share and get back together just like old times. Growing together during childhood, makes them a big part of our life and bonding happens in childhood.

As a child, I would wait for April/ May every year to go to my grandma’s place where we

were at least twenty cousins together. And it was lot of fun. Every summer when it was time to get back home, and to their routine life, my cousins and I were heartbroken. We hugged and kissed each other, promising to meet again the next year.
I think that’s why even today I love the old system of large and joint families.

One does not feel lonely. Always find someone for company at home. There are many to share responsibilities, so for people who find it difficult to be organized and take decisions there are others to share. Today there are many people with depression in nuclear families.

When we have a large family there is so much we can learn from different opinions and perspectives. More birthdays, so more celebrations in the year. Dealing with more people helps one to be more tolerant, the thresh hold is higher. Children have their grand parents and siblings which makes them strong and secure.

I agree there is a problem of privacy and space issues. Difference of opinions is higher with more members of the family. There is lot of workload but there are more people to share the work. There is friction at times but nuclear families too have fights and friction which can blow up because there is no one else to share these problems.

My husband’s family is also a large family. This New Year, my husband’s family, his siblings, nieces, and nephews met in Chennai and we celebrated New year in Puducherry and Vellore. We had such a lovely time and that helped in bringing the family closer. Thanks to my nephew Dr. Sukesh Chandran and his wife Anu, who took this initiative and planned the entire itinerary.

Later we were taken by surprise when they announced the holiday, was a gift from their side for 13 of us. That was something magnanimous and only very few people can do.
This is purely my opinion, but I do respect others opinion too.

What about you? Do you prefer nuclear or joint families?

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