The Process of Transition


In the late 1960s,

Jim Reeves and Tom Jones,

Were our favorites.

Life was slow,

The songs melodious,

Movies – musical,

Romance – magical.


Then Cliff Richard came in,

And became the craze.

Music became faster,

But with beautiful lyrics,

And great beats,

That was a rage.


Life was relaxed and happy.

People danced and sang,

And whistled their favorite tunes,

There was lot of conversation,

Around the dining table.

There was time for people,

To stand and stare.

Everyone loved and cared.


Children did not act like adults.

And teachers were not scared,

The men loved truly.

It was just one woman,

To love and care.

But parents arranged marriages,

Sadly, love and dreams,

Were snatched away.


The youngsters went crazy,

And were full of life.

They experimented,

With different styles.

From rock and roll,

To hard rock.


The hippie culture,

Came into India.

The guys sported long hair.

Youngsters started,

Questioning their parents.

A rebel was born.


We loved the transition,

It made us feel high.

“Aradhana” and “Bobby,”

Kept the romance alive.

Lovers eloped and married.

People were happy and gay.


Then came Michael Jackson.

The king of pop,

Made a grand entry.

It was such a change;

His dances were mesmerizing.

His moves and intense emotion,

Was the talk of the town.


Life was still relaxed and happy.

Neighbors helped each other.

Lovers didn’t elope anymore.

They walked away hand in hand.

Cars zoomed, but didn’t lose control.


But now all of us,

Are in love with speed,

The music louder and sharper,

We feel the thumping of our heart,

But we cannot hear the lyrics.


The movies are full of,

Violence and action.

That has become the norm everywhere.

Lovers don’t have to fear anyone.

Their dreams are not snatched away.


Yet the thrill has gone.

The romance short,

And the separation quick.

In the end,

They are fighting over,

Who gets the house,

And the beautiful car.


There are no more conversations.

No time to meet our neighbour,

Instead we are,

Running after our career.


It’s an ‘I’ world,

iPhones, iPads, iMac are in,

Everyone is looking down.

There is no eye contact,

They party hard,

With a glass in hand,

That’s the in thing.


We are all well-read,

And highly qualified.

But at what cost?

It’s become the world of selfies,

Where we see only ourselves,

And not anything around us.


Slowly, the world will start to blur.

No time to stand and stare.

The noise around,

Will become too much to bear.

And no one will truly love or care.


Let’s slow down a bit guys and gals.

We love the transition,

But let’s listen to the lyrics.

Don’t rush, go slow, look around.

Breathe in the fresh air.


Exhale and enjoy every moment.

Don’t take your precious life,

When things don’t go your way,

You learn tolerance and the hard way,

You live it, and you will love it!



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