Life is not about….



Life is not about focussing on self, it’s about others.

It does not matter whose house is bigger or better,

But how you make it a warm cosy home.

And fill it with care and “love hormone.”


It does not matter if we share different interests,

But the values have to be the same.

Relationship grows and love blossoms,

Through what we are taught and experience!


We’ll not say something we will ever regret,

Nor will we lose a good friend we met,

If we share the same values, I can bet,

Our friends will only become our asset!


Be impeccable with our every word,

Let’s not take anything personally,

Say only what we mean, not what we heard,

Remember life is unpredictable, it’s one big road!


If we speak kindly, and with integrity,

We’ll be known for our deep sincerity,

There is conformity between our good values,

And how we live in reality!


Let’s not manipulate, but be open and genuine,

It’s about building and not about destroying,

It’s easy to be independent, try being interdependent.

One idea, one emotion, the whole universe will evolve!



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