I’m Special…

I’m unique, different and interesting,

I too see beauty in everything,

I’m slow, want to do it at my own pace,

But the world is a different rat race!


I love my friends, but I’m shy,

Because I know I’m not like them,

My logic is different, may make them laugh,

But it’s not my fault, I can’t be like them!


I wish to be adventurous, do lifts and turns,

And when I slip and fall, my heart burns,

Life is a struggle, not because I cannot do,

But the world wants me to be, just like You!


I love to do most of the things that you do,
But my reflexes don’t work the way you want to,
I can hear the hushed whispers and the laughter,
But I don’t understand humour, so what am I to do !

I’d love to jump, hop and do a flip,

How I wish I could go for that trip,
Run on the mountain, swim in the sea,
Do para gliding, and climb a tall tree!

I go to school and I feel the struggle,
It’s not me, it’s my weak muscle,
The noise is too loud, and the vast syllabus,
It’s not easy when I can’t focus!

You scold me when I’m late,
And I can’t tie my shoe lace,
It makes you laugh, when I stutter,
I feel the pain, and my heart shatters!

You say I’m weird and don’t mingle,

It’s not my fault I have to stay single,

But the world doesn’t understand,

That’s why I’m special!




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