Essence of Being a Woman


She is a mother, sister, daughter,

Teacher, CEO or doctor,

Whatever the role, it does not matter,

She can make a home and lead a team.


God made women, with a heart so deep,

It murmurs like a stream, gushes like the sea.

Hands that comfort, her hugs give warmth,

When in pain, her kind words give solace.


With eyes so deep, she can touch your soul.

No one can love the way she does,

Straight from her heart she cares and loves,

With feelings and pain, she shows her strength.


She seeks no vengeance or revenge,

Her heart’s so generous, plays roles with finesse,

She has the power to nurture, create and change.

And build a world, beautiful and sane.


Compassion, intuition and tolerance,

Courage, strength and confidence,

To speak your mind, follow your passion and

Be independent,

Makes her a woman of the present!


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