Life Is an Echo


When you’re a child,

You do what your parents

teach you.

You did everything,

They asked you to do!


When you’re a teenager,

You want to impress,

Your parents and friends,

You have your own ideas,

So you fight and argue,

Till the very end!


When you’re in your twenties,

Your husband or boyfriend,

Becomes your world,

You swirled, curled and twirled,

Listened to no one but him!


When you’re in your thirties,

You know it’s not all so right,

But the children come along,

You want to live for them,

Did it for them, right or wrong!



When you’re in your forties,

You realize your parents need you,

You live mostly for them.

Their health becomes your priority,

Most of your holidays at their home!


When you’re in your fifties,

You know it’s getting late,

You begin to live on your terms,

You learn to  relax and breathe,

And admire the twilight sky!


When you’re in your sixties,

All that you did for others,

Comes back to you,

Love surrounds you,

Makes you happy and gay!


Life is an echo,

What you send out comes back,

What you sow you reap,

What you give you get,

What you dream you achieve!


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