I’ve difficulty with reading and/or writing,
I need support, please see me through my eyes,
It’s the poor coordination and staying organised,
And the curriculum is not modified to meet,
The Learning Disability children’s right!

You rebuke me when to school I’m late,
And I can’t tie my long shoelaces, I hate,
When my speech is slow, or I stammer,
I can hear the whispers and your laughter,
You can’t feel the pain, but my heart shatters!

I go to regular school, and feel the struggle,
Problems paying attention, following direction,
The noise is too loud, and the vast syllabus,
We have only one counsellor, and no therapist,
Teachers lack the appropriate training necessary,
to accommodate the learning disability!

Have more government-aided schools and less fees,
Twenty children in a class, and we’ll be at ease,
Can we have special educators and counsellors,
And worksheets, healthcare and all facilities?
Shouldn’t the teaching environment meet a child’s
need and skills?

Have vocational rehabilitation courses, jobs for us too,
Provide wheelchairs and ramps, to ease our mobility,
Our Government are you listening, please?
Children often lack the resources they need without
effective policies!

Don’t we have the fundamental right to quality education?
Don’t you want us to be a part in the progress of the nation?

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