Rohini had a story to tell…



I was at our family doctor’s clinic waiting for my turn when I saw a beautiful and graceful lady sitting ahead of me. Our eyes met, and I smiled at her. In a moment we connected. There was something about her, which made me feel at ease. Many patients were waiting, and I knew I had to wait, so we had time for a long chat.

I asked her name, and she said “Rohini.” She looked familiar as if I had seen her somewhere before. Then I realized both of us had been going to the same doctor for thirty years. He was our family doctor.

“Can you believe this? The hospital which was being run by him since forty years is being taken over by his sister,” she said.

“What? Oh! that’s sad news Rohini.” But why did she take a drastic step all of a sudden?” I asked her.

“Their mother passed away a month back. Her mother had willed it to his sister. She wants to sell it,” said Rohini.

“How cruel is that!   I can’t believe this. It took him years to build the hospital. He has been our family doctor for decades; I don’t like to see him go away from here. In Mumbai it’s not easy to find another place and shift the entire hospital.” Rohini wiped her face with the edge of her sari and nodded her head.

“When the doctor realized he had to wind up everything he asked for time. But his sister was eager to sell it,” said Rohini. “He informed her that it was not easy to find an alternate place in Mumbai where the property prices were soaring.”

“You won’t believe this, the next thing she did was, she filed a case,” said Rohini, looking dejected.  He was shocked. He could not believe his sister whom he pampered as a child, was fighting over their property. Now it is sub- judice, the court will decide,” said Rohini, looking forlorn.

Then she said something which touched my heart. “There are three wants which never can be satisfied: that of the rich, who wants something more; that of the sick, who wants something different; and that of the traveler, who says, “Anywhere but here.” I pondered for a moment, and thought how right she was.

“When will people realize humanity is greater than money?”

I did not know anything about Rohini except her eyes looked genuine and her face was composed. Looking at her I knew I could trust her.

“My husband was a doctor too.  He served the poor free of charge. For the others, he charged very little,” said Rohini.

Then we heard her name being called by the doctor and she went inside the room, bidding good-bye. We never saw each other after that. But some people we meet in our life has a story to tell that leaves a lasting impact.

Many months later I heard this fairy tale story about Rohini. I was relating this story to another friend of mine when she mentioned that Rohini had been their neighbor years back. She and her husband were tenants, and lived in a Bungalow next to my friend’s house for the last three decades.

The landlord lived abroad, and never asked them for an increase in rent.  They were fortunate to pay a low rent of three hundred rupees for many years. Five years back the landlord passed away. Rohini and her husband planned to look for a new place, but they were sad to leave their neighbors.  One day they were shocked and surprised when they heard from a distant relative, there was no heir to that property. They continued to live in that Bungalow.

Now Rohini owns that colossal Bungalow, with a beautiful garden. It is situated at a prime location.  Life throws surprises at people who have compassion, and goodness in their heart.



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