The first Rain



The sky looks misty,

The clouds dark and deep,

I hear the tinkle of the rain,

Against my canopy!


It’s raining, it’s pouring,

The new foliage lush green,

The gulmohar trees entirely,

Orange red and fiery!


The wind blows hard,

Petals fall on the ground,

Like a soft red feather,

It floats around!


The dew drops glisten,

On the lush green leaves

The murmur of the rain,

And the heavenly breeze!


Trickles of water,

Seep into the soil around,

Earthy smell of the mud,

Rises from the ground!


Watching the rain.

And the bluish-grey mist

Thrilled by the fine rain

Falling on my eyelids!


Sipping hot coffee,

Reading a poetry book,

Relishing chilli pakodas,

It’s heavenly from my nook!

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