Life is a Journey



Life is a journey with downs and ups,

Nothing is happening uniquely to us,

It’s about enjoying the mysterious journey,

Going with the flow, making it lively!


We can’t change our past, can change destiny,

Life is all about searching for happiness and joy,

The destination is unimportant, what matters

is only what one does during the journey!


We cannot control life’s difficult seasons,

But we can accelerate our development,

Honour all our promises,

And seize every opportunity for improvement!


Throughout our journey we’ll encounter challenges,

Which teaches us to be strong, wise and tolerant,

Follow our heart and don’t crib or lament,

Life will then give us, many amazing moments!


4 thoughts on “Life is a Journey”

  1. Your writing is gentle and always beautifully written with important messages. I appreciate all types of writing, though your style of writing is what I incorporate into my life to keep it comfortable and inviting, peaceful and gentle to the soul. Very nice Bhina!🌷☀️

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