When I Look into My Eyes



I look into my eyes,

And see a sparkle.

I feel energy rushing through,

I’ve come full circle.

I feel so proud,

I thank those who made me so!


Here is my story,

Of dreams and mystery.

I cried, fought, loved and lost,

I learned to stand up for any cause.

I gave my heart,

I gave my soul,

And have great memories to behold!


I feel so proud,

Of what I am today.

I can look into my eyes,

And say I have become wise.

I’m fearless ’cause I lived it right,

With my head held high, I walk upright!



I thank my father,

For teaching me values.

For giving me strength,

And kindness too.

I thank my teachers for what I am today,

Honest, kind, genuine and true!


I thank my friends,

For their support and love.

My children and relatives for being there,

My dreams were small; most came true.

I got love and care and all that I lost,

Like a fairy tale, it came back at any cost!


I asked for the stars,

And got the moon,

I asked for abundance,

It came with a silver spoon.

I believe in mystery and life,

And I’m happy I lived it right!


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