Azim Premji’s journey of life…

Azim Premji was obsessive about delivering value to the customer through world-class quality processes. He believed in core values of quality, team building and integrity.

Sharing experience on his Journey of Life he says “never give up in the face of adversity. It comes on you suddenly without warning.

You can either succumb to self-pity and wring your hands in despair, or decide to deal with the situation with courage and dignity. Always keep in mind that it is only the test of fire that makes fine steel.

A friend of mine shared this incident with me. His eight-year-old daughter was struggling away at a jigsaw puzzle. She kept at it for hours but could not succeed. Finally, it went beyond her bedtime.

My friend told her, “Look, why don’t you just give up? I don’t think you will complete it tonight. Look at it another day.”

The daughter looked with a strange look in her eyes, “But, dad, why should I give up? All the pieces are there! I have just got to put them together!”

If we persevere long enough, we can put any problem in its perspective.:)”

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