Reminiscences Of A Village Life




I remember my life, in a village so quaint,

Houses surrounded by water, like in a dream,

Connected by bridges, from trunks of a tree.

In a beautiful island, people out there carefree!


Between the golden, yellow paddy fields,

Was a small, palm- thatched hut on stilts.

We lay down there, on every moonlit night,

In the heavenly breeze taking delight!


Among the stillness, was our pounding heartbeat,

Deep in thought, entangled were our feet.

The country house boats, regal and royal.

Right out of a fairy tale, the place looked magical.


The tamarind trees lined the deep canals,

Making it look like a magnificent canopy,

Loved shaking the branches of the trees wildly,

Savouring the sweet, ripened fruits with glee!


Relished hot, steamy rice with mango chutney,

Water of the tender coconuts refreshing and sweet,

Smeared with spices, the eggs were roasted,

The aroma of the boiled tapioca, filled our senses!


The golden rays of the sunset looked a pretty sight,

In the glow of the lamp I would light,

Around the Tulsi plant, chanting “Rama Rama,”

A ritual we followed every night!


When I feel lost and completely drained,

When my emotional reservoirs need a re-fill,

I reminisce those days in paradise,

Love and tranquillity fills my mind!



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