Life- A Road journey…


Sixty-five is just a number and I’m loving it,

It’s not been any different from sixty-four,

Maybe we become a little wiser, and mature.

I loved living my life from day to day,

Living life to the fullest, not complaining,

Accepting the good, the bad and the ugly,

Life with all its ups and downs is exhilarating.

Like a road journey, beautiful and magical.


Our car may stall in the journey,

But do we let it lie there?

Instead we accelerate and move on.

Our time is limited, it’s not be wasted,

Have the courage to follow our heart,

And our life is ours to create,

Hold onto ethics and principles,

Follow our passion, and innovate!


Probably humor plays a big role too.

That makes life easy for me and you,

The boundless energy I feel inside me,

Every time I want to do something,

Comes out of where I wonder?

Maybe from the faith I have in myself,

Or because of the love from all of you,

I relish every moment and love life, I do!


Maybe we need to let go of people,

Who give us pain and don’t respect us,

And spend time with people who need us,

Be compassionate, do a kind deed every day,

Courage comes from being genuine and true,

I feel contented and fulfilled with no regrets,

Building relationships and helping people,

has been my priority,

And I think I did that passionately!



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