Rest awhile but don’t quit

When things go wrong, don’t cringe or quit,
When dreams seem far away,and your goal is not met,
Take a deep breath and move on friend,
The uphill may seem steep, but keep climbing till sunset,
Remember there will be another new day,
And the sun can’t give up, it has to rise again,
The future may seem bleak, but lift your spirits high,
You may think everything is over and you may sigh,
It may break you down for awhile but it will build you up,
If you believe in yourself, and walk upright with a smile,
The confidence and strength will take over you,
And I bet you will soon run more than a mile,
To catch your dream among the clouds,
And pin it down keeping your feet on the ground,
Though you may make mistakes and might rest for a while,
Take more chances and find a great life,
Positivity, confidence and persistence will take you high,
Life is magical, even though there is pain.
Can we get to see a rainbow without any rain?

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