I’ll miss you until we meet again



As I gazed at the old shady mango tree,

Bearing fruits golden yellow and fleshy,

I remembered I met you that balmy summer,

Amidst the pelting rain and peals of thunder!


My heart broke that windy rainy day,

When you stood alone there sad and helpless,

Your warm touch made my senses go wild,

While I cried intensely bidding good-bye!


Silent tears soaked my long dark eyelashes,

When you looked into my eyes in deep pain,

Each droplet seemed like a breathless whisper,

“When will we see each other again!”


While planting the mango sapling together,

You said “One day we’ll sit under the big old tree,

Relishing the delicious fruit, in love,

You and I forever!


Twenty years later I sat with my daughter,

Eating the sweet fruit under the mango tree,

Yet there was no logical reason to explain to her,

Why tears coursed down my cheeks and spilt over!


We believed our love would grow like the mango tree,

But alas, it was not to be,

When life got in the way,

And we went our separate ways,

Oh, how I wish I had stayed!

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