One fine Sunday evening.

My daughter and I,

Decided to go shopping,

Leaving my grandson at home!


My daughter was happy and relieved,

He had his grand-father with him,

I warned her twice,

Her son was safer alone!


I am not wrong,

I knew him better than her,

But she was not convinced,

She said “He must have changed.”


Sundays he plays cards with his friends,

He came home, sharp on time,

My daughter gave, a broad smile,

She said “Amma he will be fine”.


An hour later we get a panic call,

It was from our kind neighbor.

My grandson was knocking at their door,

My daughter said ” Don’t worry Piya”


“My father is with him there.

You can send him back home,”

My neighbor said,

“that’s the worry my dear,

he is searching for his grandfather!


We left everything and ran back home,

The front door was ajar,

My grand-son was standing there,

And his grand-father was nowhere!


My daughter ran helter skelter,

But I stood there, rock solid,

He did not disappoint me,

That was how he has been!


Well! you must be curious to know,

Where he had gone?

He was playing carom with his buddies.

In the building next door!


Now! when did he slip out?

That God alone knows.

But whenever we go out out now,

My grandson cries and implores,


“Grandma please don’t forget,

To take grandpa with you.

I will be fine, I have grown up now,

I can’t knock on doors anymore!”


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