Our eyes are so powerful, 


Our eyes are so powerful
that through our eyes,
we let the world in.
Looking into a child’s eyes,
and talking to them is very crucial,
And that makes them feel special. 

Our brain is wired in such a way,
when we focus we connect,
And love and energy overflows.
That’s why when we watch cricket on TV,
we often cheer, and scream,
As if the players are right in front it seems.

Eyes are the windows of our soul.
Sometimes you don’t need words,
to understand or speak.
You can be silent, you don’t need gestures,
When you look deeply into the eye.
It’s so expressive, your eyes can’t lie.

When you love someone,
his or her body produces a chemical,
called phenyl ethylamine,
that makes the person feel in‘love’.
Our pupils dilate and,
eyes have the power to ignite.

We can accurately read emotions,
just looking into the eyes.
Perhaps that’s the reason,
when a person is lying or dishonest,
he has evasive eye contact,
which clearly shows a sign of discomfort.
Eye contact in different cultures,
convey different meanings.
In US and Canada,
intermittent eye contact,
is extremely important,
in conveying interest and attention.

In most countries intense eye contact,
is often a symbol of trust and sincerity,
In Japan it can be considered rude,
to hold eye contact for too long.
They sometimes even consider,
a brief eye contact uncomfortable.

In Africa you look at someone,
when you listen, and not when
Oyou talk to them.
In some cultures, a woman looks down
when talking to a man.
And in animals, eye contact
means aggression.

Some people lack eye contact,
They can’t look into other’s eyes.
Their eyes shift when you,
try to hold their gaze,
This makes it difficult for them
to have a conversation
or social interaction.

Today if we observe,
most people are always looking down,
at their iPhone, iPad or iMac,
We should keep aside some time,
And connect with our dear ones,
At least for some time in a day.

Otherwise if we keep looking down,
we will not notice,
when the person sitting next to us,
gradually drifts away.

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