This is amazing. I filled the application online which was an easy task and I was given a date for submitting the passport. I had gone to the passport office in Mumbaibe3055e8-624d-48a4-a87c-3d8a208c7078  and believe me I was taken aback.

The ambience is great, systematic and organized. The queue moves very fast with efficient staff at the helm, and the people at all counters kind and friendly.

I moved from A to B to C counters in 15 minutes and the verification and submission took another 15 mins. I was out of the passport office even before I was in. This is the first time in the history of India I have had a documentation done so effectively. Being a senior citizen made it easier too.

The icing in the cake was when I got the passport at home within three days. Thank you.

Technology has great advantages too…. making all documentation process online has been the best thing that has happened in India.

Thanks to our government for this beautiful change we see today. Now we are almost in par with other countries worldwide.

I think we often talk about the negative things, but forget to make note of the changes that has happened. It’s not about this government or that government. It’s a change for the positive that’s helping mankind and I’m grateful and want to thank whoever is in charge for the present scenario.








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