Three poems of mine were published in the bilingual literary journal from Pittsburg, USA. www.setumag.com. I feel honoured.




Celebrating power of the women today,

Without any doubt a winner all the way,

Her passion for life, the will to survive,

Makes her strong, secure and wise!

She understands what it is to compete,

And knows when to take a backseat,

Pushing back to be silent, not to cry,

Being gentle and accepting defeat!

Life is about overcoming adversity,

Rising from the ashes like the phoenix,

With compassion and patience,

She wins the hearts with her dedication!

She can climb mountains, trek for days,

Travel around with confidence and grace,

She can move mountains, purr like a cat

with her children, that sets her apart!

Life is not easy for a gentle woman,

To sail in the life boat without a frown,

Win over the people who pushed her down,

In the heady rat race to win the crown!



She feels proud of what she is today,

In all the decisions which she takes,

Sometimes with tears in her eyes,

But with a smile and her pride,

All the choices that she makes,

Works favourably every time!

The patience she has trying to decide,

The own path she wants to take,

Without hurting anyone by her side,

The pain in her eyes, the woman in her,

They were unable to understand or see,

Her hope for achieving gender equality!

It is easy to grumble and complain,

Make every one notice she is in pain,

But she loves the beauty in life,

And wants peace and not strife,

When she inspires, creates new solutions,

To innovate for the future of women!




She is a mother, a sister, a daughter,

A Teacher, a CEO or a Doctor,

Whatever the role, it does not matter,

She can make a home, lead a team.

God made women, with a heart so deep,

Murmurs like a stream, gushes like the sea.

Hands that comfort, and her hugs give warmth,

When writhing in pain, her words give solace.

With eyes so deep, she can touch your soul.

No one can love the way she does,

Straight from her heart she cares and loves,

With feelings and pain shows her strength.

She seeks no revenge or any vengeance

Her heart generous, plays roles with finesse,

Has the power to nurture, create and change.

And build a world, beautiful and sane.

Compassion, intuition and tolerance,

Courage, strength and confidence,

To speak your mind, follow your passion,

And be savvy and independent,

Makes her a woman of the present!

Bina Pillai is a writer and poet. She is passionate about life, love and nature. Her work has appeared in several anthologies and magazines, and in literary journals both print and online. She has won several prizes and recognition for her poems and prose. She managed a travel agency for seventeen years. She has taken up the cause of the Children with Special Needs in the media, and has done a ‘Citizen Journalist Show.’ In 2016, she published a book, ‘Lyrical Rhythms of the Heart’, which received a 5star review in Poetry International. Later, in 2017, she received the ‘National Rising Star’ Award in the art and culture category given by a UK based company WeAreTheCity India. Presently, she is the Administrator and Member of Jury of the Facebook group: ‘Asian Literary Society’. Bina can be reached at:  bhina23@hotmail.com.

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