If I had the power…



If I had the power of creation,
Strength borrowed from God,
Then I would build a beautiful world,
Free from sufferings, worries and pain!

There would be no poverty, no sickness or agony,
Everyone would be happy and food in plenty,
Women would walk down the dark road safely at night,
And people would protect children with all their might!

There would be no abuse, marriages would last,
The world would shine with fairness, justice and no caste,
No cheating, no killing, no rapes, no fears,
No shortage, no slavery, a lively happy society.

All religions would be respected, keeping an open mind,
No one would force their opinion on others or convert mankind,
Be kind to people of other races, all religion is about morality,
Accept others culture and tradition and live in social unity!

No one would compete, everyone would compliment,
Old and weak helping each other and trusting one and all,
There would be no sorrow or pain, and no one vain,
Then joy, peace and tranquility would only remain!

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