The Power of Mother’s Love


My poem that won the gold award..the theme was the image given below…
We had to write in 24 hrs max, with 16 lines. Title had to be chosen by us-according to what each one conceives from the image.

The Power of Mother’s love
I took the serpentine road less travelled,
When the sky turned fiery, with a flash of light,
The clouds dark and deep, not a pretty sight,
And then I heard, the roar of thunder!

The wind blew hard and through the bough,
I saw the fawn, nurtured by the doe,
I stood and stared wide-eyed lost in thought,
When I heard, the boom of the gunshot!

The fawn had not yet weaned from the doe,
It trembled in the wetness and darkness,
Like never before,
The doe closed her eyes and grimaced!

The bullet had pierced her tender heart,
Yet with a slumping gaze, it consoled the fawn,
Held her close, that she doesn’t fall apart,
Oh! my heart broke when I saw the
unconditional love and support!

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